One Minute With….. Thaddeus Lee

Thaddeus has been with CLE since 2019. Here’s your chance to get to know him a little better!

How long have you worked at CLE?   4 Lovely years.

How did you first learn about the company?   My now wife.

What is something you learned in the last week?   Pineapples are microscopic glass pieces.

Who inspires you?   My daughter.

What’s your hometown?   Shonto, Arizona

What was the best concert you’ve ever attended?   The war on drugs

What is your favorite family tradition?   Christmas Traditions

What has been your favorite project at CLE?   Reorganizing the warehouse.

What’s your drink of choice?   Gin and tonic or old fashion.

What’s your go-to karaoke song?   I Believe In a Thing Called Love by The Darkness. 

What hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?   I play and write music.

What is your role at CLE?   Warehouse manager.

What is one thing you cannot resist? Good Coffee.

What is your greatest fear?   Infinite darkness.

Where is your favorite place to be?   The mountains on the reservation.

Where is the best place you’ve traveled to and why?   Scotland. Good food, great people, and a beautiful countryside. 

What was your first music concert?   Piller and East West.

What would you do (for a career) if you weren’t working for CLE?   Train Horses and Write/produce music.

What are the three words you would use to describe CLE?   Professional, dedicated, and loyal. 

What is your super skill?   I can impersonate peoples walk.

What is one to two items that are on your bucket list?  Go to Ireland and train a horse.

In your opinion, what makes an incredible production?   Great, calm, respectful techs. 

What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had?     Walmart overnight stocking.

What’s your walk-up song?   Beethoven’ 5th Symphony. 

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