Live Event Production

CLE delivers the complete package.

Dramatic staging. CAD drawings for room layout. On-site surveys and inspections. Crisp sound. Eye-popping video displays. Breath-taking lighting. Creative content. Logistical planning for every contingency. Experienced and professional technical crew.

Imagine your organization looking as impressive as our satisfied clients.

Venues large or small. Indoors or outdoors. CLE has staged special events and corporate meetings in venues all over the country… even outside our borders. No matter if it’s a one-day event or an extended meeting with breakouts and a trade show, CLE can deliver.

Our total project approach of planning, talented technicians, cutting-edge technology and creative solutions will make your meeting memorable and leave a lasting impression with your audience.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! The CLE team took care of all of our AV needs without a single issue! I didn't have to worry about a thing. That is an excellent contractor in my book!Candy Streed Silos & Smokestacks National Heritage Area


Audio equipment is best heard and NOT seen.

Using innovative rigging designs and engineering, our audio professionals take pride in making sure audio systems don’t get in the way while delivering crystal clear audio in any venue – from intimate events to 10,000 seat arenas.

CLE employs only the most highly qualified sound technicians to ensure precisely orchestrated audio every time. And by using the latest and most advanced high-tech audio equipment, our expert technicians calibrate each sound set-up to eliminate distortion, ensure perfect clarity and maintain proper audio levels that deliver a full range of rich and powerful audio to your audience.

We deliver sound that is crisp and fills every corner of the venue.

We had compliments on the sound that we have NEVER had before. It was amazing.Kelly Sparks, Diversified Management Services


Capturing and maintaining the attention of your audience is critical.

CLE accomplishes that by designing and delivering video displays with high visibility and crystal-clear images.

From single camera coverage to multi-camera High Definition set-ups, CLE video systems will lock in all eyes on your graphics, videos and live camera feeds. Be it small rooms or large arenas, indoors or outdoors, CLE’s video engineers can design and build ingenious floating screens, LED walls, and wall-to-wall video displays that will deliver eye-popping displays of graphics and video.

We want every member of your audience to have a “front row” experience and be personally engaged with what’s happening on stage.

CLE will make sure there is not a bad seat in the house!


Lighting is dynamic. Lighting is creative. Dramatic lighting draws eyes and drops jaws.

CLE can provide a breadth of lighting packages for a range of projects – from television and theatrical productions to corporate meetings and special events of all kinds.

CLE lighting experts are the best in the business – dedicated to delivering a breathtaking experience for your audience.

Lighting can make the difference between an ordinary event and one that is truly extraordinary. CLE utilizes our experience, creativity and the latest technology in high-quality lighting equipment to ensure that your event will shine!

Everything your team touched was great - we had many compliments on how smoothly the program ran and how neat the décor was. We'll be in touch for future events!Lauren Oliver-Price, Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa

Creative Solutions

We make events memorable by utilizing the latest technology to support your event with a talented creative team.

We've produced hundreds of events over the years and combine our expertise with your skills ensuring a seamless event with the right elements to achieve your goals & realize the desired end-result.

While our technical team takes the stress off you during the event, our creative team supports theme, branding and content development that blend event elements, creating an engaging experience for your attendees.

CLE’s Creative Services menu includes:

  • Scenic Design Elements
  • Theme and Concept Development
  • Room Layout (detailed CAD drawings and renders)
  • Speech Writing
  • Presenter Coaching
  • Video Production (scripting, shooting, editing)
  • Registration Design
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Stage Management
  • Technical Direction
  • Audience Engagement Tools
  • Video Streaming Services
  • Voice Over Narrations
  • Graphics Creation
Having worked with production companies world-wide, we have a gem right here in Des Moines, Iowa. Central Lighting & Equipment is a trusted partner that continually exceeds expectations for quality, service and creativity. The team at CLE is always positive and eager to "go beyond" to make events truly exceptional. Not only are they dedicated to success, that are also highly talented professionals. Whether we have a small show or a challenging, high profile international event, CLE delivers that extra attention to detail and imagination. CLE has become an indispensable key to our clients' success, and we look forward to many exciting events together in the future.Mark Thompson, Thomson Productions, Inc.