What is in your event kit?

What’s in your meeting or event kit?

Everyone who works in the meeting and event industry has an answer to this one. Those key, crucial items you need when you are onsite at an event. Special markers, highlighters, a variety of tape, ibuprofen, pliers, staple gun, hairspray, and well the list could go on and on.

Here is what our techs have in theirs.

This meeting kit, or Work Box as we here at CLE call it, has several essential items that will come in handy onsite. Our warehouse manager Peter Jackel designed the Work Boxes to include items that are commonly used such as gaff tape, tools, tape measures, adapters, safety equipment, cleaning supplies, and batteries to name a few. We ordered these custom-designed boxes with heavy-duty wheels so they move easily (and quietly) to the event location. Opening the box, our techs have access to four drawers that hold tech gear just in case it’s needed. Each compartment is clearly labeled so it is easy to see where things go and when they need to be replaced. The door of the Work Box also doubles as a compartment to hold a folding 4-foot table so we are ready for anything and everything.

While the majority of an event is planned prior to being onsite, the Work Box ensures we are prepared to make adjustments quickly and handle last-minute changes without making a trip to the warehouse or to a store.

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