US China High Level Agricultural Dialogue-中美农业高层研讨会

The many ways in which meeting and event professionals have embraced or been forced to interact with new or “new-to-me” tech during the pandemic have been especially notable.  From evolving our mindset to learning new skills, always-agile meeting pros are bombarded with input and options while seeking to grow.  How do we navigate this new landscape that is here to stay – hybrid meetings, new tech tools at live meetings and your already stretched budget.
Come learn from industry expert Arren Wetzel, as he shared tips and insights about how well will move forward with technology, meetings, and events.

The American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) is excited to announce a dynamic format for our 2021 annual conference and expo, along with a new date and location. You can expect an unmatched conference experience that is mindful of the public safety and health challenges we continue to face due to the pandemic. Get the high-quality professional content you expect from ASSP, with new ways to learn and engage both online and in person.

Iowa Farm Bureau’s Take Root program was established to help farmers develop a comprehensive, managed approach for their family farm’s continuation and growth from the roots up – helping ensure that what you’re doing today will create an enduring legacy for future generations.

 Through our Take Root workshops, we’ll examine real-life success stories from Iowa farm families and help you develop strategies to grow your business and secure farm assets for future generations. By planning for the future now, you have an opportunity to prepare the next generation for leadership. It will help ensure your family farm’s legacy and clarify any assumptions that often aren’t shared.

 We look forward to having you join us for Take Root.

Put Your Virtual Presenters Back On Stage:  How Presenter preparation can improve your attendee experience.

Broadcast live from CLE Studios!

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