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What the Red Truck Means…

Sure the Red Truck gets our gear to events, but over time, it has become a symbol of what we expect of each other as a team member. We asked staff to share what the Red Trucks mean to them. They all shared different answers, but they all shared a common theme: Holding ourselves accountable for respecting everyone involved in the event to deliver a memorable event and a lasting impression.

Arren Wetzel, President

For Arren, the Red Truck is a mindset he learned from his dad. Not only does the red truck get “gear to the gig,” it’s the first thing people see when CLE Production rolls into the back dock. His dad raised him in the production business and in working side-by-side, he learned a respect for the show and the people involved – from the dock workers to the clients and, of course, to the audience.

The CLE Red Truck is a symbol of that respect. Arren cares for the truck just as much as he cares for the show. “If we can give that level of respect and integrity to our trucks,” says Arren, “…we are going to follow it all the way through.”

Nick Myers, Logistics Coordinator

For Nick, it’s a symbol of CLE’s dedication to quality.

Red Truck at Variety Telethon

Katie Bradshaw, Account Executive

It’s about getting things done for Katie. She acknowledges that is about getting gear there, setting it up and getting it home safe. But more importantly, it’s about starting relationships with clients, taking their vision, making it happen, and then, in the end, giving those high fives for a successful show. [Spend One Minute with… Katie]

Kris Churchill, Director of Operations

For Kris, it’s a symbol of class and pizazz.

Kevin McDonald, General Manager

Professionalism and confidence are what the Red Truck means to Kevin. “When we roll in with our finely detailed trucks, you have confidence that CLE will do the job as professionally as possible,” he shares. [Spend One Minute with… Kevin]

Red truck in Denver

Bud Caylor, Warehouse Assistant

Bud, a man of few words, says it all: Pride.

Matt Kiernan, Director of Strategic Development

It means two things for Matt – love, and passion. He shares, “Love for what we do and passion to do what’s best for the show.”

All three red trucks in Iowa location

Jared McDonald, AV Tech/Warehouse Assistant

For Jared it represents professionalism.

Cassie Chance, Bookkeeper

While Cassie knows it gets all our equipment and gear to the show, what really matters is making memorable events. [Spend One Minute with… Cassie]

Jake Henry, Warehouse Manager

“It’s the stamp on our brand, packaging for our product,” states Jake. And for him, because he packs up the trucks, it also means “a whole lot of gear going out.” [Spend One Minute with… Jake]

Emily Guinta, Account Executive

Because the Red Trucks are big and shiny they make a perfect mascot. For Emily, it’s just “another part of what we do to make memorable events and lasting impressions.” [Spend One Minute with… Emily]

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