This is technology?!

We recently did an education session on elevating events with technology. One of the visuals we used during the session was the photo above, showing candles underneath of a string/can contraption.

Do you know what it is? And what it has to do with technology at events?

While it may just look like a candle with cans on strings, it was actually used as one of the first light dimmers. This technology was created out of a need to make things easier and run more smoothly which is how most technology is developed. Remember Einstein’s saying that, “Necessity is the mother of invention…”

Many people want to know what the newest, latest, best thing is in event technology. While it’s fun to keep up on the latest and greatest, if you are planning an event, it is more important to use technology that is most appropriate for your meeting or event. Don’t fall into what we call the “Shiny Object Trap.”

Think about your attendees, location and the message you want to convey when you consider adding and upgrading your event technology. It may not be important to have an event app or social media wall if the majority of your audience does not have or utilize smart phones. It might make sense to add digital signage to display logos and event information if you find printing event material to be tedious, inflexible and not cost effective.

Talk with your event tech partner about ways to incorporate meaningful technology that helps accomplish the overall goals of your meetings or events.  A good tech partner will work with you to find technology that is the most effective, not just the “coolest” thing on the market.  Who knows, maybe an 18th Century light dimmer is just what your event needs…

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