Preparing for Event Tool Boxes

The Red Road Case

Here at CLE, we use road cases to store and transport our equipment to events. Road cases are basically hard suitcases that protect whatever is inside. Most of these hard sided “suitcases” also have wheels making them easy to move as they’re being loaded and stacked into the back of a truck or being moved from the loading dock down a long route (sometimes up to a mile-long!) in a large convention center. Rolling the cases instead of carrying heavy gear makes it much easier to transport equipment safely and efficiently.

Many of the cases we have are custom made for specific pieces of gear. For example, we had custom cases made for our 70” and 80” monitor kits. Inside these mammoth cases are the monitor, table-top stand, a small speaker and cabling. Another example is the custom kit for our HD video cameras with spots for the camera and all the accessories that need to travel along with the camera. Creating self-contained kits with all the necessary gear makes checking gear in and out of our warehouse a breeze as it is evident if something is missing when it’s not in its place.

Some of the cases are customized with special drawers to hold all types of connectors, adapters, tools, tape and endless other things that come in handy for an event. Others are large open cases that can hold cable, smaller cases and loose items needed for events.

Now that you know what goes inside of them, we should talk about why they are red. Our owner, Arren Wetzel, likes red trucks and we needed our road cases to match. It’s as simple as that!

The front desk of our lobby was custom made to look like a road case. We like road cases, we like red and we like cool things that we can put inside these red cases. Come by our office and check out our road cases and we’ll open up a few to show you what is inside!

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