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Lighting Glossary of Terms

With loads of new innovation in the lighting category, it can be challenging to understand all the terminology. CLE Productions compiled this glossary list of event lighting terms to help you navigate your next event.

Gobo  A gobo is a partial screen used in front of a light to project a shape. You commonly see logos for events or companies as gobos as well as personalized monograms at wedding receptions. Gobos can be customized to project any design and color.

Uplight Uplights are lights that shine up from the ground onto pillars, walls, draping and more. They could be LED fixtures, standard fixtures with a gel (note: using gels can overheat which will affect the color) or battery operated.

Light Trees  Used to describe ground supported lighting on stands. Several lights can be clamped onto a pole that is attached to a stand.

Barn Door These are used on light fixtures to create a shutter effect, keeping light from bleeding into unwanted areas.

Lighting Console  Also referred to as a lightboard, this electronic device is used in theatrical or corporate lighting design to control multiple lights at once by controlling your lighting fixtures and systems. Some consoles also allow you to preprogram your show, looks, and effects.

Stage Wash Helps enhance your stage and scenic look by creating an even field of light across the stage.

Hair Light  Adding this will add dimension to people and objects on stage when using cameras while also reducing shadows. This light is placed =behind the person and above the head and angled downward to hit the person or object.

IMAG [Image MAGnification] – When you have someone on stage, and a screen next to them with a video camera projecting an image of that very same person, this is called IMAG.

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