3 Tips to Optimize Event ROI

Event planners and producers are creative problem-solvers and are constantly generating new, better ideas. That’s the thrill of the game – building an amazing event and the constant challenge to make it better and bolder year after year.

The added challenge is optimizing a budget that may stay the same or hasn’t increased with the rising costs of venue booking, meal catering, utility costs and more.

Our CLE team has encountered this challenge with our clients and events and have helped clients find ways to make incremental changes and improvements to allocate budget for new ideas that create a big impact on the event.

1. Minor venue logistics make for major ROI

When venue logistics are planned out right, everything runs smoothly and people are happy. But when venue logistics are also designed to optimize the resources of staff and equipment, you’ll create efficiencies and optimize your marketing spend.

If you can find a venue that fits your corporate conference or event on one level, the teams behind the scenes can move equipment and lighting more efficiently vs. moving from floor to floor. Also making sure the venue places your events in congruent spaces vs. spreading them out, can also help optimize event resources. You’ll make attendees happy because they aren’t forced to walk and navigate to different session spaces. It also creates a community atmosphere and keeps event-goers together for improved networking experiences.

Sessions for keynotes, breakout sessions, panel speakers often require different room setups, staging, lighting, and audio. Scheduling similar sessions based on the room needs allows for unnecessary room flips or turnovers. Early planning and communication with session speakers ensure you optimize the venue spaces, allowing you to build the schedule accordingly.

2. Flexible set-up dates, times eliminate overtime costs

Work with your venue ahead of time to book the space for set-up times that don’t require overnight or evening hours. Oftentimes, booking the space the day before during normal business hours can save money on set-up labor costs. Not to mention peace of mind for a last minute walk-through to ensure lighting, audio, and space builds are exactly how you pictured your event.

3. Creative use of sponsorship money to elevate your brand (and theirs)

Event sponsors make the event world go round. Your success is innately wrapped up in your sponsor’s success. Finding new, unique ways for your sponsors to showcase products and services in a meaningful, helpful way is a great way to expand your budget.

  • Craving a coffee station in an exhibit hall? Get a sponsor with signs and branded cups.
  • Need a charging station lounge? Kick your feet up. There’s a sponsor for that.
  • Want to create a relaxation space? Build a branded corner and bring in a yogi to help event-goers take 5.
  • Wish you could get a photo booth? Have each photo strip printed with a sponsor’s logo.

Any new, creative idea is a branding opportunity for your biggest or newest event sponsor.

Struggling to Optimize ROI?

We suggest you include your production company in the planning process as early as possible. CLE looks for ways to help each of our events optimize budget to ensure the show is memorable and leaves a lasting impression. If you need new ideas or minor tweaks, we’d love to start a conversation.

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