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Attendee Engagement

Attendee engagement during meetings and events is…

In the event world, there are a variety of ways to finish that sentence. Think about your answer. Was it influenced by your style as a meeting planner? Or the type of event you were imagining? Or maybe a specific problem you had in the past?

Whatever your answer, I bet it wasn’t “unimportant.” Whether you filled in the blank with “critical,” “fun,” “challenging,” or any other descriptor, it’s clear you understand audience engagement is an important part of meetings and events.

As a meeting planner, you need engaged attendees in order to get your message across and gain feedback or information through interaction. As a meeting attendee, you want to be engaged in interesting and effective ways so you can leave with knowledge and information … and not fall asleep in the middle of a conference!

As an event production company, we view our job as helping you to fill in that blank. We understand attendee engagement is mission critical in order for you to deliver your message. This goes beyond just providing good microphones that enhance a speaker’s voice, or high quality speakers that allow every attendee to hear what is being said. It means that we think of ways for your audience to not just hear the message, but to experience the message.

Experiencing the message for attendees can be include:

Visual elements such as video screens, stage sets, projection mapping
Lighting design
Branding elements that tie your event together
Interesting & unique registration areas
Event apps for sharing information or polling
Social media boards
Dynamic and engaging presentations with useful and relevant content
The key is knowing what your event and meeting goals are and knowing what you want your attendees to experience and walk away talking about. From there you can apply the appropriate technology to your event to meet those goals and needs.

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